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Beautinélle - Back In Time Anti-Aging Solution

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Beautinélle - Back In Time Anti-Aging Solution

Beautinélle Back In Time Anti-Aging Solution has developed a venom-added anti-aging solution for this skin concept. Its main components are: hydrolyzed collagen zinc, sodium hyaluronate, hexapeptide-1, and Tripeptide-3 are safely introduced into our skin through nanotechnology. Thereby achieving anti-aging and whitening effects.
Three major selling points, six benefits.

Three of the effects:
1. Contains collagen to promote the synthesis of skin collagen fiber chains.
2. Effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and delay aging.
3. A variety of natural moisturizing ingredients, so that the skin instantly replenishes moisture and is full of vitality.

The six benefits are:
1. Refreshing and easy to absorb.
2. Firming the skin and enhancing anti-wrinkle.
3. Replenish skin collagen to make skin full of elasticity.
4. Moisturize and moisturize skin.
5. Effectively reduce the fine lines of dry lines and delay aging.
6. Forming a breathable compact film.

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