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Beautinélle-Rezborn Hyaluronic Acid Skin Repair Solution Regular price

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Beautinélle-Rezborn Hyaluronic Acid Skin Repair Solution
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The difference and effect of hyaluronic acid solution and essence liquid

Beautinélle-RezBorn contains The combination of three kinds of large, medium and small molecules of Hyaluronic Acid, layered and penetrated into each cortex to replenish hydration and lock hydration using ultra-microencapsulation technology, so that the hyaluronic acid stock solution directly penetrates into the dermis layer, realising the effect of moisturising and hydrating. 8 major effects, whitening to yellow, blemishes, lightening acne marks, skin rejuvenation, shrinking pores, wrinkles, anti-aging, anti-sensitive.

The difference and effect of hyaluronic acid solution and essence liquid

Generally speaking, the nutrition of a bottle of solutionl is more nutrition than 3 Bottles of essence.
The Essence Liquid is composed of composite ingredients, made from artificial deployment.
And the high-Purity Liquid that is enriched by the solutionl is extracted directly from the natural plant, and is the mother of all the essence Liquid,
Solution is the essence Liquid of enrichment.

The difference between solution and essence liquid is a single ingredient, a higher concentration and a more streamlined formula, which can give skin more direct, fast, safer, and more effective maintenance for all kinds of skin, so that the skin can recover the best form in a short time.

Although the solution is an emerging skincare category, there are already rich items. Each of the solution has added high-concentration skincare ingredients to maximize the efficiency. These preferred skincare ingredients are the use of high-new extraction techniques, the acquisition of effective biochemical ingredients or the extraction of functional ingredients from natural flora and fauna.

The reason why solution can become a new trend in skincare is mainly because of the unique nature of other skincare products. It is the uniqueness of the solution that makes it possible to go from the needs of the skin, to the root of the skin problem, and to change the skin from the inside and outside

�The ingredients. The effective ingredients in the solution are high, can quickly retrieve the skin maintenance demand, give the skin intensive and effective conservation, so that the skin can be restored to the best form in a short time.

� Rest in peace. The Pure Formula is very streamlined, without many ingredients added, it will not add the ingredients that are harmful to the skin, such as flavor, pigmentation, mineral oil, and so on, therefore use safety, skin without burden, and can be matched with various skincare and makeup products. The difference between the different solutionl can also be of, the skin care method is very flexible, and it is more and more convenient.

� Directly valid. The efficacy of the solutionis targeted, and different solution can improve the skin with different skin problems, and the high concentration ingredients are brought to the skin directly and effectively.


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